Monday, April 13, 2009

Intrepid Oilers

Monday, April 13:

Andy Lowry and Ellie Gruber treated a total of 48 eggs at two locations: The Northwest Bergen CountyUtilities Authority (NBCUA) in Waldwick, and the island between Upper Ridgewood Tennis Club and the NBCUA, which can only be accessed by a flat bottomed boat. This short trip is not for the faint at heart, by the way.

The NBCUA has been very helpful, they provide an employee to row us over to the island, where Andy hacks through the brambles with a clippers, and we crawl through the thick underbrush and muck to oil our eggs. There is hardly room to open an umbrella, but we do it!

There were 5 nests on the actual property, with more coming, from the looks of it. On the island, there were 7 more. But some of the nests only had 3 eggs, or 4, so we will return next Monday.

Ellie Gruber


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