Saturday, June 13, 2009

Ridgewood Volunteers Making a Difference | 2009 Results

The final numbers are in, and the results are impressive. From late March thru the first week of May, Ridgewood GeesePeace volunteers spread out all over Bergen County to help stabilize the resident Canada goose population in Ridgewood and our surrounding communities. Here are the final results:


97 eggs oiled (22 nests) = 944 fewer adult Canada geese in 8 years* than there would have been absent the GeesePeace egg-oiling program.

BERGEN COUNTY PROPERTIES (County Parks, United Water properties, schools and private property throughout Bergen County excluding Village of Ridgewood):

871 eggs oiled (210 nests) = 8,081 fewer adult Canada geese in 8 years.


968 eggs oiled (232 nests) = 9,023 fewer adult Canada geese in 8 years

*Estimates of unborn Canada geese based on GeesePeace formula, which provides for a 40% survival rate for goslings.