Saturday, April 11, 2009

30 Eggs Oiled at Saddle River County Park/Pehle Area

Nests located and treated Saturday, 4/11/09, at Saddle River County Park/Pehle Area

SADDLE BROOK, NJ--This morning Greg Ulscht and I treated 30 eggs found in seven nests along the duck pond and Saddle River in the Saddle River County Park/Otto Pehle Area. Michael Kerwick, a reporter for the Bergen Record, accompanied us and is writing an article to appear in tomorrow's Sunday edition.

Only one pair of geese was difficult to coax away from their nest (Pehle Area 1 on map above). All the others were fairly mild mannered and easily chased away.

The mother at Pehle Area 3 got no help from her mate, who was nowhere to be seen while were oiling and didn't show up until after we had completed our work and had retreated. After we retreat, usually the mother immediately goes back to her nest. In this case, she rushed toward her late-arriving mate, honking away. She appeared to be scolding him for not being there to help protect the nest. Kind of humorous.

We've got plenty more work to do here. We saw a few more nests on the opposite bank of the river, and Greg has located a few more downstream in the Rochelle Park Area. We will go back early next week.

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