Friday, April 24, 2009

GeesePeace in the News

Local GeesePeace efforts are getting some great press this year.

Read a Bergen Record article reporting on oiling in Saddle Brook, Saturday, April 11.

View the GeesePeace segment of a Star Ledger Live webcast, featuring Ridgewood volunteers oiling in Woodcliff Lake, Monday, April 20. View the entire webcast, which opens with a segment featuring a depredation advocate.

Read a Pascack Valley Community Life article on oiling in Westwood, Tuesday, April 21. Very enthusiastic group of newly trained volunteers in Westwood.

And today, NBC will be covering GeesePeace volunteers oiling in the Saddle River County Park/Otto Pehle Area.

Saddle River County Park/Otto Pehle and Rochelle Park Update

Carla Marcus, a producer for MSNBC, shot some footage of GeesePeace volunteers in action down in Saddle Brook yesterday. The footage will be archived for potential use in future stories about geese, most likely in connection with aircraft "bird strikes," but no segment planned specifically on our work here. In the photo above, Carla is speaking with Peter Both, director of the McFaul Environmental Center in Wyckoff.

26 More Eggs in Seven New Nests

Thanks to Pam Perron and first-timer Penny Boag, who joined Diana Wing, Peter Both and Greg Ulscht to oil eggs in seven new nests Greg located earlier in the week during his daily walks around the park.

Total in these areas to date: 157 eggs in 40 nests. And we're not done yet!

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