Monday, April 30, 2007

NO Boundaries

The title of this playful stop-motion animation is NO Boundaries. Its creator, apparently an employee of Baltic FCB, writes that the video is a gift to his company and clients. I interpret it as a tribute to his team's collaborative spirit and unwillingness to recognize barriers to success.

Which brings me to our two intrepid volunteers, Jane and Gene, who recently reached beyond the boundaries of their assigned areas in Ridgewood to treat eggs in Wyckoff and Midland Park. From their report:

Oiled the following:
1. 4/25 - One nest - 6 eggs - 407 Ellis Dr., Wyckoff - back yard right over wooden bridge
2. 4/27 - One nest - 4 eggs - 445 Godwin Ave., Midland Park - by dam
3. " One Nest - 6 eggs - same - near parking lot (need to mark with a flag)
4. 4/27 - One nest - 4 eggs - Hopper Ridge - below swimming pool, close to pond, very close to other nest (need a flag) - the mother refused to get off the nest - Gene had to push her using an umbrella and a snow scraper to clean a car windshield - it took several tries - this was not covered in training!!!!!

Wow, 20 eggs in two days. Great job!

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